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LaF: Blowing Smoke- Part Seven FINALE
Oh... Oh God. What happened? How long was I out? I shook myself wearily, trying to get used to being in the physical world again. Looking around, I spy a body of red fur, hunched over opposite of me. It was shaking and grumbling angrily, the two tails it had swishing back and forth.
Who.. Who is... Oh no. Fox? What the hell happened while I was asleep?
A familiar voice echoed through my head, a slight headache starting on my forehead.
"This is all going to hell, you know. Just let me take control again."
"No," I retorted bitterly, keeping my eyes fixed on the red beast. "you don't even know how to use my power."
"You can teach me!" he sounded desperate now, for whatever reason. I stayed quiet. There was no time to deal with him.
He shut up after that, and I started to think he finally got the message. Everything went silent afterwards. It was unnerving.
"Alright, alright," his voice cut through my thoughts again. "go back into the forest and find some thin vines."
His plan took most of
:iconlalalala3:lalalala3 0 2
LaF: Blowing Smoke- Part Six
I dodged away, my toes gouging deep marks in the mud. Prime's legs definitely were a valuable asset in the battle; without them, I'd be screwed. Tucking and rolling, I glanced around quickly to see the hellhound's position.
He was crouched a few meters away, the scarlet fur on his shoulders bristling as he cursed to himself. Four vivid yellow eyes flashed angrily at me, trying desperately to stall as he pulled his oversized claws from the dirt. Taking the initiative, I dashed forward, extending my pincers in an attempt to get a shot in before he regained his composure.
A searing pain, starting at the tips of my claws and up my arm, caused me to recoil, screeching and holding my stunned limb to my stomach. Surrounding Fox's legs was a dark fire, one whose intense heat I could feel from afar. Breathing heavily through clenched teeth, I patted my arms gently, blowing on the smoking wound. Part of the sleeve on my hoodie and the bandages underneath were burned off, revealing singed fur and
:iconlalalala3:lalalala3 1 6
LaF:Blowing Smoke-Part 5
The crowd exploded in an uproar, furious faces ringing the table, some scratched and bleeding from the raven's beaks. Unfazed, The Thief continued his speech, not bothering to raise his voice. I listened intently.
"As you all know, each of you has an opponent you will battle..." he paused, waiting as everyone quieted down, "in order to retrieve what has been stolen from you. My corvids will be watching. If you win, you will return to your respective rooms to ready for the next round."
The tumult had quieted down to a frenzied murmur, expressions urgent and scared. Peering through the crowd, I spotted Dolly whispering pressingly to Avonna. Familiar chortled and murmured something back, whereas the genet stayed silent, glaring a fierce one at the Thief.
"...If you lose, in the rare occurrence that you live, you must leave immediately."
Grim faces and still bodies were all I could see from where I sat. Fox, trembling with anger, left smoking marks in the wood of the table where his paw la
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+ MALE BODY STUDY: SEXUAL OFFENDERMEN + by jinx-star + MALE BODY STUDY: SEXUAL OFFENDERMEN + :iconjinx-star:jinx-star 8,984 261 +MALE BODY STUDY VII+ by jinx-star +MALE BODY STUDY VII+ :iconjinx-star:jinx-star 10,390 220 Swimming Anime Dating Sim: VERY BETA by fifthdimensional Swimming Anime Dating Sim: VERY BETA :iconfifthdimensional:fifthdimensional 8,394 3,306
'This Will be the Day' RWBY lyrics
They see you as small and helpless
They see you as just a child
Surprise when they find out that a warrior will soon run wild
Prepare for your greatest moments
Prepare for your finest hour
The dream that you've always dreamed is
Suddenly about to flower
We are lightning
Straying from the thunder
Miracles of ancient wonder
This will be the day we've waited for
This will be the day we open up the door
I don't wanna hear your absolution
Hope your ready for a revolution
Welcome to a world of new solutions
Welcome to a world of bloody evolution
In time-your heart will open minds
A story will be told
and victory is in a simple soul
Your world needs a great defender
Your world's in the way of harm
You want a romantic life a fairytale that's full of charm
Beware that the light is fading
Beware as the dark returns
This world's unforgiving
Even brilliant lights will cease to burn
Legends scatter
Day and night will sever
Hope and peace are lost forever
This will be the day we've waited for
This w
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so i just got back from sweden
and mypaint isnt opening i really dont know anymore
and i have to read a 500+ page book before school starts on sept 3
and i have to go to new zealand and watch my mom fangirl bc shes lotr's #1 fangirl
and i need to get used to ms paint again ugh
oh yeah and check out my art on rmd:
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My name is Stephanie (Stephano, haha, PewDiePie lover), but I prefer you call me StrinFanir/Strin.
My best friends are :iconalpharabbit: and :iconthesydfactor: (MYERRH.). Check them out. :3

Art Trades - OPEN!
Point Commissions - OPEN!

I love Jumping Spiders by WishmasterAlchemist I love Eurasian Wolves by WishmasterAlchemist I love Tasmanian Devils by WishmasterAlchemist I love Thylacines by WishmasterAlchemist
Myerrrrhh. <3

Fred and George W. Stamp by iondra PewDiePie Stamp by MissButtler :thumb319299247:



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